The Mario Kart 8 Weekend Spectacular

A big game is available from May 30th. A huge game. A game about fierce rivalries, marksmanship, tight control, blue spikey devils and underage driving. That game is Mario Kart 8.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘but that’s a Wii U game! You’re 3DS groups!’ But what are we all if not Nintendo gamers? StreetPass is the banner that brings us together but our passion for Nintendo titles is the underlying, uniting force.

So of course we’re running Mario Kart 8 events! It’s Mario Kart! But that’s not all, we’re combining Mario Kart 8 events.

There will be twelve gatherings on Saturday May 31st that have all agreed, at 4pm, to offer their best competitor in sacrifice. No that’s not it, they’ve all agreed to offer their top karter for an online, twelve player, nationwide race at 4pm. That’s the one.

The means by which this racer is chosen is up to each group individually (Manchester is thinking cream cracker eating), but at 4pm it’s go time. Live streamed by GAME, courtesy of StreetPass Basingstoke, this race will see who, in the country, is the best Mario Kart 8 player. At launch. With minimal practise.

There are prizes too. Trophies of various sizes are up for grabs – winners of the twelve regional heats will get a swanky special cup, while the winner of the Nationwide race will get their mitts on a huge Leaf Cup! That means that one person gets two cups. That’s maths.

trophy image

Even if one of these connected events isn’t running near you, there’s probably a non-regional race gathering going on either the launch weekend or shortly after. Mario Kart 8 is a huge game and the StreetPass community is out in full force to have some fun with anti-gravity and super horns. Heck, even if you’re not super into combat racing these are still superb opportunities to snag some StreetPasses.

Nationwide Race Qualifier Events

The following are the special events that will offer their champion to compete in the nationwide 4pm online race on May 31st.

DS London
StreetPass Basingstoke
StreetPass Banbury
StreetPass Birmingham
StreetPass Brighton
StreetPass Liverpool
StreetPass Manchester
StreetPass Newcastle
StreetPass Northamptonshire
StreetPass North Wales
StreetPass Portsmouth
StreetPass South Wales

Mario Kart 8 StreetPass Events

The following may not be part of the Nationwide Race Event Spectacular, but they are all brilliant Mario Kart 8 themed gatherings full of competitions, prizes and fun. Each event below offers a fantastic place to hoover up some Green Lights while you’re eyeballing Mario Kart 8.

May 30th

StreetPass Manchester (TBA)
StreetPass North Wales

May 31st

GAME Basingstoke
Nintendo Spot (London)
StreetPass Cambridge
StreetPass Highlands and Moray
StreetPass Kent
StreetPass Somerset

June 1st

StreetPass Manchester
StreetPass Southampton
StreetPass Stoke

June 7th

StreetPass East Midlands

June 8th

StreetPass Leeds

June 20th

StreetPass Gloucestershire


We’ll be amending this list as and when events are announced, but be sure to zip along to one of these events. StreetPasses and fun times guaranteed! Also, for those wanting to continue the Mario Kart 8 fun times after these events, be sure to join the Mario Kart UK Community on Facebook!



  • Closs says:

    Woo Sacrifice! I mean… Woo Mario Kart! xD Gonna be sweeeet!!!

  • Gawny7789 says:

    Can’t wait for this!!! 🙂 Streetpass Southampton will be in attendance of the Basingstoke event! Getting tips for our event the next day 😀 hope to be in the live final!! 🙂

  • Dalagonash says:

    I will be at every Manchester event, gonna be fun!

  • mootown says:

    I’m going to go to all of them in spirit! But primarily I will be at the Basingstoke one 🙂 Going to be a fun weekend

  • SuperJonnyMario says:

    None of the nationwide is available in Scotland. Why?? I want to prove I got what it takes, but with nothing available in Scotland for the nationwide event, I can’t do that! 🙁

  • Dalagonash says:

    The main Scotland group, Highlands and Moray, was unable to secure a venue with solid WiFi. Every other Scottish group (thinking primarily Edinburgh and Glasgow) has become inactive :/

  • I will see everyone at the Birmingham event.

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