StreetPass UK 3DS Challenge 2016

Notice: The StreetPass UK Challenge is now closed. Thanks to everyone who took and helped to make it a success.

Individual challenge winners will be sent their eShop prize codes via Direct Message shortly.

The #3DSAdventures Pack Prize Draw will take place on Saturday, November 5th via @StreetPassUK on Twitter.


SPUK are kicking off October with a mammoth competition for 3DS players in the UK!

Compete in a series of weekly challenges across four classic 3DS titles for the chance to win yourself one of two #3DSAdventures Packs kindly supplied to us by Nintendo UK, featuring a trio of 2016’s biggest Nintendo 3DS games: Monster Hunter Generations, Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past & Yo-Kai Watch!

Each challenge you complete earns you 1 entry in to the prize draw and those with the high score for each game can net themselves a £20 eShop card!

What’s more, the overall winner will receive a specially designed certificate to commemorate their victory! Please see the FAQ below for info on how this is determined.

Read on for details on the challenges themselves and how to enter.

The Challenges

#1: Oct 2nd to 8th – Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 Demo – Closed

#2: Oct 9th to 15th – Mario Kart 7 – Closed

#3: Oct 16th to 22nd – Metroid Prime: Blast Ball – Closed.

#4: Oct 23rd to 29th – Luigi’s Mansion 2 – Closed

** All challenges conclude at 11:59pm on their respective end days.

How To Enter

To enter, players must reside in the UK and submit proof of their achievement(s) to StreetPass UK via Twitter using the hashtag #SPUKChallenge and a hashtag for the corresponding game.


(Q) How many times can i enter?
(A) You only need to submit proof (photo or video of your system or a screenshot captured via image share or Miiverse) once to complete a challenge, but you can enter multiple times per game if you wish to compete for the high score and win £20 eShop Credit.

(Q) Where can I view the high scores and prize draw entries?
(A) Daily Score Updates will be tweeted every evening on the @StreetPassUK Twitter account, and are also available to view, along with prize draw entries, on the SPUK Challenge database at:

(Q) Do i have to complete all 4 challenges to be in the prize draw?
(A) No, you only need to complete 1, but completing more challenges gets you additional entries.

(Q) I don’t own any of the games, does that mean I can’t enter?
(A) Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 and Metroid Prime: Blast Ball are free to download from the 3DS eShop, so everyone should be able to compete in at least two of the challenges.

(Q) How is an overall winner determined? I want that sweet certificate…
(A) The players who hold the High Scores for each of the 4 Challenges must compete in a mystery 5th challenge to determine an overall winner. If, however, a player holds more High Scores than the others then they would be declared the winner.


  • otakualiice says:


    As someone who has completed Mario and Sonic 2016, I know that the outfits won during progression of that game affect how far a person can jump via stat boosts, so those with the game would potentially have an advantage over those without it. Just maybe something to think about and perhaps decide on whether to allow or not.

  • Folkloner says:

    Hi Okakualiice: As stated above, Challenge #1 uses the ‘demo’ of the game. Of course, from the screenshots submitted as proof, it’d be nigh on impossible to tell whether it was from the demo or the full game – but, as the rule above says you must use the demo, if a player uses anything other than the 7 characters available in the demo in their submission then their submission will be accepted as valid.

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