Get Involved with the Summer of Splat!

Nintendo UK recently announced its Summer of Splat, a trio of Splatoon activities with an eye to extend the game’s life just that little bit more after the recent final Splatfest.

One element of this is the Fan-fest, which is happening at the end of August but leading up to that there are a pair of ways to earn tickets to said festivities. One is the Fan-art contest (for both Cosplay and traditional art) which you can read about here.

The other is the ‘Great British Splat-off’, which is a series of online tournaments happening over on Gfinity! This is much more up our Street(Pass) given that we’re all about bringing Nintendo gamers together!

Want to see if there are Splatoon players around you? Check out our Splatboard. Want to find your local StreetPass community and find local players? Use our Nintendo Community Finder and head to Facebook or Twitter and start posting! Or alternatively, SplatoonUK is a good bet.

Then once you’ve found your team go to Gfinity, over here, and get involved! There are some lovely prizes up for grabs so do give it a shot. Or a splat. Whichever works for you.

So how do I get involved?

Ah, yeah, the website isn’t the easiest. It’s not too bad though, here’s a quick step by step…

Step 1: Register! Click the button in the top right and create a Gfinity account.

gfinity step 1

Step 2: Create a team! From your dropdown click on the ‘Create a team’ option.

gfinity step 2

Step 3: Add people to your team! From your teams menu select ‘manage team’. Scroll down and you’ll be able to add other Gfinity members to your team. Once your team are signed up, add them to your team.

gfinity step 3

Step 4: Register for a tournament! With your team created you can join a tournament on a day that suits you. Select your players, then just wait for the day of judgement…

gfinity step 4

See you on the Splattlefield (sorry. Not sorry).

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