‘SWITCH’ing to 3 Years old Party!


Basingstoke Discovery Centre, Basingstoke, United Kingdom


11am - 4pm


Another year has passed. and can you believe we have been running for 3 whole years! And we are going to be ‘SWITCH’ing things up!
Join us for our best birthday party ever! As we celebrate being 3 and Nintendo’s newest console the ‘SWITCH’
We will have the amazing Breath of the Wild on free play on the BIG screen! So feel free to jump in and explore!
Not only that but we will be having fun with 1,2, Switch! Milking is a must for everyone! And I believe Jeremy and I have a Runway challenge booked? This is something not to be missed!

Dont worry if you are not yet making the ‘SWITCH’ we will have the WiiU with your favourites and our ‘SMASH’ gang will be there Of course!
Also there will be our 3DS Zone! so bring along your favourites, Animal crossing, Monster Hunter, Yo-Kai watch, and of course lots of StreetPassing to be had!
And that’s not even mentioning the Cake, cake and more cake! The raffle and ”Who’s in the Box?” Its all happening on the 25th March and with the addition of the ‘SWITCH’ you will definitely see an evolution happening! So join my myself, Jeremy and Ollie as we turn 3 years old! Lol

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