Switch London #3 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe PARTY


3 Victoria St, London E15 4PP, UK




Engines Ready? 3…2….1…. SPEED BOOST!
Are you ready to play what will be the hotest Mario Kart game ever?! Then come on done to our launch party in Secret Weapon where we will be playing Mario Kart.

This event will be one of our BYOS events. What’s that I hear you say? What that stands for Bring Your Own Switch!
While you’ll be able to join in the fun without a Switch we recommend you bring your own along to have a guaranteed spot in the fun!

Important stuff:
Please support the bar by buying your drinks from them. Outside food is okay but please repect the venue by not being a pig and please tidy up after yourself.

Google Map for Secret Weapon Bar: http://bit.ly/1WYvLJH (Nearest Train: Stratford)

Loading Bar Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/drinkrelaxplay
Loading Bar Web: http://www.loadingonline.co.uk/

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