SMASHing Doubles Event!


Basingstoke Discovery Centre, Basingstoke, United Kingdom


11am - 4pm


EStreetPass Basingstoke is SWITCHing back to the WiiU for its focus this month, with a return of SUPER SMASH BROS!
Come and join us for a special Doubles tournament, where you team up with your Amiibo! So get training those little hunks of plastic and micro chips and join in the fun. The details will be confirmed a little nearer the date but sign up before 12 noon on the day to save your spot!
We will also have a Snake Pass speed run challenge! Let’s see who can master the movements of the Snake and get through the level the quickest!
On top of that, we will have our SWITCH table set up wish stands and power supply for each , feel free to use this area to plug and play and maybe challenge each other to a race or two? We also have our Soft 3DS area so feel free to bring along your 3DS with favourite games too, Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, Pok√©mon or even Yo-Kai Watch there is always someone willing to play! We will have another great raffle, and another Plush hiding in our box! Guess who it is to win, and all the proceeds go to Special effects, a great gaming charity bringing gaming to disabled people throughout the uk! Thanks for supporting it so far! Oh and cakes! Don’t forget the cakes! Or shall we SWITCH to cookies this month?

I think that’s about it, so get training those Amiibo and sign up for our Doubles tournament!

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