Mario Kart Madness!


Basingstoke Discovery Centre, Basingstoke, United Kingdom


11am - 4pm


We are proud to announce our next event! And we are going Mario Kart Mad!
We will be cracking out the newly released Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch, by launching our first official Switch Tournament.
As always this will be a popular tournament so please see the sign up post nearer to the event to make sure you save your spot!
Not only that but we will also run a balloon battle tournament on the new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Winners will get to pick their balloon prize!

Not only that but we will also have Smash Bros on the WiiU, it was quiet without the smashers last month so we are hoping for a return!
As well as lots more in our Switch Zone, why not try SnipperClips or Snake-Pass between races? Or relax in the comfy chairs with our Animal Crossers on the 3DS, or Maybe hunt a monster or two. Feel free to bring you games and consoles there is always someone willing to play!

The Amiibo Jukebox will be there as always, so feel free to scan in the days selection for your Zelda or Wooly World Bonus, as well as rock out to the tunes! Cake, as always there will be cake, or some other baked goods just to keep your strength up. Who’s in the Box will return! Guess which plush teddy will be waiting inside the box this month, and Help us to raise money for Special Effects Charity in the process.

Our Raffle will also return with some great goodies, as Oliver, Jeremy, Vicky and myself search the Internet and high street for the best prizes we can, just for you guys!

We hope you can make it, and look forward to welcoming you to StreetPass Basingstoke’s Mario Kart Madness Event!

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