StreetPasser Spotlight: EJ Allen Cosplay

Interview by Fayyaz Dawda

Name: EJ Allen

Cosplay Name: EJ Allen Cosplay

Location:  Cambridge

Name of Cosplay:  Entei

Photographer: Cover photo: Greg Boyce Photography, Entei Photo: Let the Geek Out, Chandelure vs Entei: Lucas_E_Curd.

StreetPass Hits: 137 (must do better)

So how long did the Entei cosplay take, and why Entei if I may ask?

The Entei cosplay took around a month and a half to make. A full month of working on it to create the costume and about half a month of planning the costume. I choose Entei as a tribute to one of my favourite voice actors of all time, Dan Green and because Entei was always my favourite Pokémon as a child, next to Mewtwo of course. . I like to sneakily cosplay as a tribute character to Dan Green each year. He also voice Mewtwo in the first movie


What was your first Nintendo title?

I actually think my first Nintendo title I owned was Pokémon Red; I was like 3 when it came out.

Oh wow! That makes me feel old

You and me both, haha.

Since then what’s been you’re favourite Nintendo title?

Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask I absolutely adore skull kid!


Is that also your favourite Nintendo character?

No. I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between link from the legend of Zelda series, N from Pokémon Black and White, or Lysandre from Pokémon X and Y. I’m bad at choosing one.

Those are interesting choices, Why those if I may ask?

Link is because how can you not like him? He’s just adorable and been through many an adventure with me in my gaming life.

N has one of the most interesting Pokémon antagonist back stories ever and honestly is just an innocent guy who got caught in a bad situation which is something any one can relate to.

And Lysandre, the dude is just fabulous and his logic on beauty wasn’t entirely based off of how some one looks, it went down to personality as well and that was an interesting outlook to see in a character from Pokémon.


What your favourite Streetpass Game or most recently played?

It’s probably the puzzle game. It fuels my collectors’ addiction!

From all the Nintendo titles you’ve played what was your favourite quote?

“..HUTTT..HIYA..HIUTTT!” Link, The Legend of Zelda Series.

“The important thing is not how long you live. It’s what you accomplish with your life. While I live, I want to shine. I want to prove that I exist.” – Grovyle Mystery Dungeon

“You said you have a dream, that dream, make it come true. Make your wonderful dream a reality and it will become your truth/ideal.” – N,  Pokémon Black and White

Moving on from there, what’s your dream Nintendo Cosplay, if you have more than one, tell me your top three?

Ha ha I’m struggling to think of one! Ummm okay so on a dream front. I would love to make a decent Majora cosplay, and when I say Majora I would love to do Majora’s incarnation, to wear that and get to just dance around cons, twirling in all its fabulous glory, that would be crazy awesome and of course, Moltres from Pokémon. That thing is so crazy detailed I’ve taken over a month already just working on the project, and then armour mew two that would be my next tribute costume, if I could pull that off id be super happy ^^

I actually haven’t seen many Majora’s Incarnation Cosplays that’d be amazing to see in all his gangly greatness.

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With that said, for anybody wanting to cosplay, what is your best advice?

Okay, my advice for anyone wanting to get into cosplay is this. If you want to get in to the cosplay scene, then just do it, the only person stopping you is you. It doesn’t matter if you make your costume from scratch, store buy it, make it from just plastic bags, just pick a costume and rock it no matter how it’s made! Just make sure you get into it for the right reasons. Do it because it will make you happy, it will be fun for you. Don’t care what anyone else thinks, haters will always hate so never focus on the negative. Come in to the scene with a positive attitude towards both yourself and others. If you’re doing something you love and it makes you happy then nothing can stop you, not even the bad people that every scene has. Make yourself proud, make the most of all the experiences you’ll gain from it, trust me they will be incredible experiences you could never dream of with some incredible people. Just remember you cosplay for you, because you love and enjoy it, you don’t cosplay for fame or for others. And also remember the important rule, have fun and don’t be negative.

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