A Guide to Pass Street in Oldham

oldham street pass

If you are thinking of visiting the Oldham area then you will want to think about what is popular with people. Well, there are a few things that definitely come to mind. You cannot deny the fact that the Market Street has become extremely popular in recent times and this is why it is known as ‘The Street’. The Oldham Market is one of the largest in the West Yorkshire area and it is also home to such famous attractions as the Orient Point, Hockley Moss and of course the famous Pass Street.

There are some very famous places to visit in the Oldham area and these include the Old Bailey, The Great Orme, the Bailey’s Market and of course the famous Pass Street. Pass Street is absolutely huge and is lined with boutiques, stores, restaurants, bars and even a couple of specialist shops. It is no surprise that when you walk up to one of these shops you are greeted with both excitement and a bit of curiousity too. If you like you can have a quick look inside and if you do not want to go into the business end, you can always just walk out and find something to do.

When you go to the market you will notice that it is set in a very narrow and very quiet corner and that there is hardly any activity anywhere nearby. It is situated on the banks of the river Irwell, which provides a natural and idyllic setting. There is a large tiled area in front of the market place with two rows of seating areas in front of the row of shops. It is this row which is usually the busiest as well as being the most beautiful.

As you walk through the market place you will notice that the goods are well displayed and the prices are very reasonable for the level of quality. There are all kinds of different things here from farm implements to textiles and there is also a variety of different food on offer. If you have a particularly good memory then Oldham Pottery might be something to consider as you could end up buying something that you had no idea about! The market is open from Friday to Sunday and it can get really busy in peak periods. It is one of the few places in all of England where you can enjoy the afternoon as well as the evening.

You may decide to start off your shopping trip by visiting one of the many gift shops which are dotted along the road. There are always lots of interesting and unusual gifts that you can buy as they are displayed on racks. There are also some fantastic and unusual restaurants which you can sit at and have a wonderful meal. Of course, Oldham itself has plenty to offer and you will find plenty to do.

If you would like to know more about Oldham than you probably need to visit the Museum & Art Gallery, which houses a great collection of different historical artifacts. You can learn about the history of Oldham as well as the history of the region in which it is located. There is also a wonderful aquarium to enjoy and various other interesting attractions as well.