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The World of Event Pokémon Collecting

If I asked somebody what their rarest Pokémon was, I’d probably get answers like their Level 100 Charizard from Red/Blue, perhaps a Mew from the 20th Anniversary event distribution or maybe a shiny Geodude found by sheer chance. If you asked me though, I would show you a seemingly bog-standard Inkay. Except this Inkay knows Happy Hour, […]

Hands on with Fire Emblem Warriors at EGX

Written by Aveyn Knight At this year’s Eurogamer Expo (EGX), which ran from 21st to 24th September 2017, the UK public was treated at the time of writing, the first-ever demo of Fire Emblem Warriors. We attended the event and of course, we couldn’t miss this landmark opportunity to test-run the game. Releasing on 20th […]

5 Tips for Fire Emblem Heroes- by Aveyn Knight of

It’s been just over 6 months since the release of Fire Emblem Heroes and much has happened in that time. With lots of special in-game events happening and Fire Emblem Warriors fast approaching, we asked our resident Fire Emblem Hero and head of Serenes Forest, Aveyn Knight, to put together 5 tips for newcomers who may […]

Nintendo Players UK’s ARMS National Launch Tournament!

It’s time to spring into action and arm yourself; we’re proud to announce that Nintendo Players UK affiliated groups all over the UK are coming together to celebrate the launch of Nintendo’s new frantic fighting creation for Nintendo Switch, ARMS, by holding a national tournament, with some awesome prizes up for the taking! Nintendo Players […]

StreetPass UK Podcast Live

Marti, Lee and Joe take to the stage at Insomnia60 to talk about building and maintaining communities in this special live offshoot of the StreetPass UK Podcast.

StreetPass UK’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Launch Grand Prix Tournament!

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines! StreetPass UK is celebrating the launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe by holding special tournaments up and down the country with some awesome prizes up for grabs! How do you win such amazing prizes and untold glory? Well, StreetPass groups across the country will be holding qualifying events! The […]

StreetPass UK Podcast Episode 45 – The End

In true StreetPass UK podcast fashion, the uploading of this episode was fraught with technical difficulties and delays of many kinds, and as such much of it is out of date. Good to be consistent up until the end though, right? The latest and indeed last episode of this UK Nintendo Podcast is available down […]

Interview with Playtonic Games @EGX 2016

Faz: Hello everyone, we’re here at EGX 2016, I’m here with some of the developers who have worked on Yooka Laylee. We have: Steve Mayals: Character Design and Animation Chris Southern: Project director Hamish Lockwood: Designer Faz: Ok, so as we know about Yooka Laylee a lot of the developers that worked on Banjo Kazooie […]