StreetPass Banbury Raising Money for Special Effect

banbury charity banner

StreetPass Banbury’s next event – StreetPass Banbury’s Mario Mashup Tournament – will feature a grand charity raffle, alongside a number of Mario themed diversions.

The event aims to raise money for Special Effect, a charity that creates gaming technology for those with disabilities.

Special Effect’s goal is to ensure that those with disabilities can benefit from the fun and inclusion of video games and creative technologies.

StreetPass Banbury aims to raise money through its raffle – which includes many amazing prizes donated by generous businesses – as well as a charity drive.

Alongside this there will be a Mario Kart 7 tournament, as well as some Mario Party Island Tour shenanigans.

Bluey is working hard to put the meet together and make it a special event, so show that effort some love by donating money to the StreetPass Banbury’s Just Giving page!

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